The goal at Huriyali is to make healthy choices simple; increasing the happiness, healthfulness, and performance of our customers.

Feeding one's body with wholesome foods rich in nutrients helps facilitate positivity, sustained energy, and overall health. Your daily energy quota is fueled directly by your diet. It's quite simple - What you put in, is what you get out. We believe nourishing and taking care of your body in turn nourishes your soul. 

Here at Huriyali, we use the finest, primarily local sourced veggies, fruits and herbs.  Local produce is able to be picked at the the prime of their ripeness because there is little transit time. This allows for the highest nutrient content and color which in turn, packs the most flavor.

Our juice is then made using a cold-press juicer which as the name implies does not expose the juice to high heat like traditional store bought products. Many vitamins and minerals are lost when exposed to high temperatures such as those from traditional centrifugal juicers and pasteurization.

There is a famous saying- "your body is your temple." One must take care of it, respect it and cherish it.  

This is the reason behind Huriyali. We are trying to do the little we can to promote happiness and healthy living by making nutrient rich food accessible to our locals. 

Next time you need a quick pick-me-up, why not treat your body to a delicious, nutritious, good-for-you serving of freshly made, locally sourced, cold-pressed juice! This beats the empty calorie bag of junk any day. Try it, you will notice a difference. 

Let's start a healthy food revolution! Are you in? 

 Organic Cashew Mylk + Organic Acai Bowl with granola

Organic Cashew Mylk + Organic Acai Bowl with granola

Healthy Choices Made Easy

Huriyali's products are sourced from growers who care about the full spectrum of their products and the environment.

Nutrient Packed Produce.

Typical produce is picked before its nutritional prime to prevent spoilage and travels miles before reaching your mouth.  Help yourself and your local farmer by choosing SC grown goods.

Natural Beauty

Nourish your mind, body, and soul to bring out the best in oneself.  Huriyali's healthy foods delivers the nutrition your body wants and needs to perform optimally.